When you work Hard for Your Money the last thing you need is an axe chopping away large portions from your earnings and investments

Savings and your investments must be insulated to ensure that your Assets are not able to be attacked by miscreants or Uncle Sam (who can without cause simply grab hold of your accumulated cash sitting in a bank account).

You are allowed to Protect Your Assets – and there are no prescribed rules you must follow, just stay within the law.

A Funny thing though about the Law is it varies from country to country, and even from State to State – as it does in the USA.

You may choose your turf – where you wish to register your Companies & Corporations, where you prefer to reside, and where you place your investments.

Experienced Advisers can assist you in selection of Business Entities, Investment Structures and Financial Plans – for Businesses and on a Personal Level.

Most People have the wrong idea about Taxation and How to Manage Your Taxes.

While it may seem draconian that several levels of Government can commandier portions or your wages, business profits, and extract payment from business owners even when they are not making profits – there are ways to mitigate against the ravages of the revenue offices – within the parameters of the law. It just requires knowledge and experience in the design and management of financial plans – with a good grasp of tax laws, their interpretations by Government Staff and of the Courts in various jurisdictions.

The average citizen is mistaken in believing that it is necessary to send money out of the country and have investments offshore, in order to solidly protect your assets and defeat pilfering by the Tax Office.

Bullet Proof Asset Protection can be accomplished leaving your assets within your country. You do not have to expatriate and live in a Third World Country, and you can avoid personal liabilities in respect of operating a business and loans, with the correct structures – well worth seeking professional advice.

Sadly many people have not been so fortunate as they failed to get advice and assistance; or in some instances received poor advice.

One area most Business Owners get wrong is end of year touch down. Often following their Accountant’s advice they stash money in to bank accounts to make provision for tax – rather than putting it to work in their business, make more money and be able to offset tax on earnings by adhering to the tax rules which allow for deduction of expenses and deferral of tax by taking certain steps enshrined in the tax laws by Congress.

Part of the problem with Tax Management is Mindset. People seem to cringe and hide when mention is made of Saving Tax or Reducing your taxes. And when they do manage to get a reduction in tax they waste the money frivolously, let sit idly in bank accounts and poor investments, or sterilize the fertile cash by burying it in the ground *(that is by putting it in Real Estate)

A Mindshift is needed to realize that the best application of your tax dollars is to spend them on business activities – which create deductions and can power business development. When expenditures are made on marketing, sales campaigns and advertising a professional marketing firm handling your sales campaigns can achieve incredible results. A multiplier effect can produce a 3 to 5 times increase in revenue on the expenditure; the increased revenue can be reinvested – back in to more marketing – to get a multiplier ride again and another 3 to 5 times increase in revenue.

There should be no need to labor the illustration – there are no secret ingredients, rocket science or magic – Just common sense and the application of Economics in the decision making processes.