Financial Planners & Investment Advisers – want to make your Business Thrive?

Like to build your Client Base & Assets Under Management FASTER?

How many Guaranteed Appointments with -Targeted Prospective New Clients could you handle each month?

Financial Services Marketing requires a professional approach in keeping with the significance of what is being provided for clients

The Marketing Process starts with Market Research, analysis of data & findings, product & services development, pricing, distribution channels, design of advertising & promotional campaigns, presentations to the market & prospective clients, follow up and delivery of services, on-going attention to clients.

Finding Clients:

This is part of both the Market Research area and Sales Campaigns.

A Sales Campaign should result in You obtaining New CUSTOMERS and receiving more revenue. However product and services providers intent on making more sales often ignore the marketing side of business – which can lead to disappointing Sales Results.

Without Market Research, Design of Offerings to suit specific market segments, and Targetting the right prospects you have a clear recipe for disaster.

Assuming you have a well thought out Marketing Plan then your Sales Campaigns can begin; searching for potential customers via Lead Generation including getting referrals.

In both instances the principal objective should be to have appointments with qualified prospects. Only setting appointments with prospects who meet certain criteria – so you do not waste your time.

Instead of thinking the whole world is your market and you indiscriminantly proceed to beat the bushes for leads you must focus on the client Niche you wish to operate in. And have a system for achieving your goals which can operate automatically indefinitely.

Having appointments only with suitable prospects should result in more conversions – from appointments held to sales.

If your skills and talents are in a profession – such as Medical Doctor, Accountant or Financial Planner – it is unlikely that you also are a Marketing Expert. For maximum efficiency in your Sales Campaigns you should accept assistance from firms which can produce what you need most – actual appointments with qualified prospects for your services.

Of course you know how to use a telephone – but Who do you call? It will be more productive to spend your time doing what you do best and outsource the drone work to others whose attitude is one of zeal in the essential tasks necessary to make your cash register ring – compiling lists, doing phone calls, scheduling appointments. All of which you might consider to be tedious or boring activities but need doing!

Thus fitting the old cliche “Horses for Courses“.

We are able to help you get more Customers, Make More Sales, and Increase your earnings SUBSTANTIALLY.

Our Proven Sales Systems can deliver to your door the type of Clients you want.

We will even Make the Appointments with you for Our Clients – with Money in their Hand.

All you need do is tell us Who are your ideal clients?

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